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Unique products and the sole manufacturer of Extracellular Transcription Factors in the world.

The active matter of plant and animal biostimulants; activators of methods of cultivation; of products derived from amino acids; raw materials for the cosmetic industry as well as products manufactured from biologically active amino acids synthesized by INAGROSA with a wide spectrum of applications in mind.

Nature, a source of inspiration

At Industrias Agrobiológicas S.A. (INAGROSA) we have managed to isolate the 20 amino acids fundamental for life through an industrial scale up process based on the organic cell pathway synthesis Free Aminoacids (SFAA) similar to the processes naturally occurring in the cell, and by combining them we have obtained through products with specific profiles of free, pure and biologically active amino acids. (SFAA like those synthesized in the cell).

Through the above mentioned process, we also obtain Low Weight Molecular Oligo-Peptides (LWOP), whose composition, number, sequence and weight coincide with the cellular transcription factors, always maintaining, during all stages of production, a clean, waste free and pollution free process. This allows all our products to not only have a fertilising effect, but also to form part of the plant protein, thus regulating its metabolism in a balanced way and also acting as transcription factors.

These characteristics, as well as the virtual absence of heavy metals in the manufacturing process, make INAGROSA products ideal for biological agriculture, integrated production, intensive agriculture, and in general, for all activities which require maximum quality and efficiency, while always respecting the environment.