Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image

In order to measure and evaluate the parameters related to the growth of crops or the decision on how to apply them to the farming industry, we rely on remote sensorisation technology and geographical information systems using drones.

The technology of multi-spectral and hyperspectral imaging allows us to distinguish an object by means of its chemical composition thanks to the image’s light spectra which act as sensors.

In agriculture we can detect nutritional deficiencies or any other type of stress (caused by environmental factors, biotics, cultural practices, phytoxicity), as well as the identification of pests and diseases before they spread into the crops.

This technology permits the instant detection of the fall in production of a crop but given the speed of penetration of Inagrosa products this anomaly can be corrected.

Inagrosa is working in conjunction with companies in Spain, Argentina and the United States which are highly developed in this technology and are able to offer this innovative service to businesses, technical agencies and farmers.
Advantages for the farmer

- Fertility map (GIS) created by the drone itself and which allows the selective application of the new generation of Inagrosa fertilizers using VTR loaded drones (variable distribution technology)

- The incorporation of genetic maps together with the application of new sensors and robotics will allow us, in the not-too-distant future, to create the phenotypes of high-yield planting (htpp)
% reduction of water, herbicides, phytosanitary products and fertilizers.
% reduction of water, herbicides, phytosanitary products and fertilizers.