Kit NaturCare Terra


NPK Liquid Solution. Booster of the microbial flora indigenous to different soils.

Contribution to and multiplication of habitable colonies of microorganisms and the development and boosting of the microbial flora indigenous to different soils.

5 litre container kit.

The NATURCARE TERRA kit is an NPK biofertiliser with a high microbial content. The microorganisms it contains are specially chosen species and strains that have all been carefully cultured in a range of international culture banks. Our biofertiliser is specially designed to create and stimulate the activity of sustainable populations of microorganisms in the soil, as well as boost the activity of indigenous microbial flora in the different soils to which it is applied.

This effect is achieved by using biocatalysts and other bioproducts which stimulate the growth and activity of the microbial flora, optimising their productivity in the stationary and growth phases.

INGROSA’s biologically active free amino acids play a key role in this process as they act as cellular transcription factors and have an immediate effect on microbial stimulation and growth.


for use The NATURCARE TERRA kit is made up of two separate containers:

  • A 5-litre container of NATURCARE TERRA containing 4.5 litres of NPK macronutrients, concentrated microbial solutions and other biocatalysts.
  • A 0.5-litre container of AMINOL-FORTE 20 TERRA (biologically active amino acids) designed to stimulate the activity of the microbial flora in NATURCARE TERRA and the indigenous soil flora.

Mix the two liquids before use by emptying the 0.5-litre AMINOL-FORTE 20 TERRA container into the 5-litre NATURCARE TERRA container. The kit is supplied as two separate containers to ensure that the microbial solution contained in the NATURCARE TERRA formulation only comes into contact with the amino acids contained in the AMINOL-FORTE 20 TERRA formulation moments before application. This ensures that this instantaneous reaction, together with all its benefits, are transferred to the soil and plants. If you mix the two products several days or even weeks before application, the reaction will take place in the container, harming the contents, and giving rise to undesirable fermentation processes that could adversely affect the performance of the product.


5-10 litres per hectare, depending on the characteristics of the soil and the plants being cultivated. The product can be applied throughout the year using an endless variety of methods. It is particularly suitable for use in soils that are cultivated intensively, and/or soils that are used to grow crops that require a balanced growth cycle.


NATURCARE TERRA is compatible with all types of products (disease control or prevention products, fertilisers, supplements, cheats and soil enhancers), which react with NATURCARE Terri’s amino acids, resulting in enhanced action and absorption rates. Do not apply NATURCARE TERRA before disinfecting the soil.