Fosnutren 20


A synthesis biostimulant nutrient to stimulate flowering.

Fosnutren 20 is especially suited to those crops whose flowers and fruits are harvested.

Available in 1 and 5 litre containers.

Liquid formula with free amino acids developed for use in periods of high phosphorous uptake (formation of the root system, reserve organs, seeds and flowering).


Especially suitable for flower or fruit crops: crops for the production of seeds, citric fruit, flowers, pit fruit, pip fruit, legumes, grain, horticultural produce, vine, olives, tobacco, etc.

Performance/Application Doses:

For spraying between 0,50-0,75 l/ha. and 1-1,5 l/ha. depending on the crop.

Guaranteed content: 

Organic nitrogen 0,3% p/p
P2O5 (soluble in water) 6,0% p/p
Free amino acids (over synthesis process)  2,0% p/p