Frequently Asked Questions

How can be defined or classified the biofertilizers of INAGROSA?
How are they manufactured and which is its composition?
What is their mechanism of action?
Why are they “environmentally friendly and free of toxicity or side effects?
Why inagrosa is trading the liquid biofertilizers (foliar nutrients) in four different compositions / trade marks (AMINOL-FORTE, FOSNUTREN, KADOSTIM and HUMIFORTE), covering together the whole growing plant stages and not in one unique formulation or composition / trade mark?
How do fertilizers react to frost?
The dose of the fertilizer mix is 1000 l / ha. Is it possible to reduce the dose, and is it necessary to reduce the concentration of bacteria? Give for us proportion formula for fertilizers/water please? (is it possible to make proportion for 200-300 l of water
Soaking the bacterium for 24 hours is required together with 1000 liters of water? or at first I mix the bacterium with fertilizer for 24 hours, and then after I add water?
When / where are they used at such low doses?
It can be damaged the crops with high dosage of these biofertilizers?
What is the “expiry date” or shield life?
Is dangerous its handling for humans?
How can they compare with chemical fertilizers in terms of cost and effectiveness?
It could be switched off completely or only to reduce dosage of chemical fertilizers applied together with inagrosa biofertilizers?
Are the biofertilizers compatible with other agrochemicals or pesticides?
For the application of these products is required to purshase any especial device?
Are there in the market another biological fertilizers like these biofertilizers of inagrosa?