The fertile side of Inagrosa at Bioveg 2017


The prestigious scientific forum known as Vegetal Biotechnology andAgriculture “Bioveg 2017” took place last May 22-26 in Cayo Guillermo/Cayo Coco (Cuba) and Inagrosa was amongst the participant foreign companies.

During the event there were several exhibitions staged by the Institute for Tobacco Research which has already been granted permission to import our fertilizers which will be on their next list of products to be ordered. The results of the tests carried out on Naturecare and Nanoforte have been extraordinary.

The company Bioplanta presented an experiment using, amongst others, products of ours in order to show the different systems of fertilization in pineapple vitroplants. There were various parameter evaluations but two stood out: in the leaf (fresh mass and dry mass) and in the root (fresh mass and dry mass). It was in the fresh mass that the best results using Inagrosa products were detected.

On another note, the event was attended by the only flower grower in Cuba who also revealed his interest in using some Inagrosa products after finding out about our success with our “star” product, Fosnutren, in Mexico, Colombia and Kenya and several Asian countries like Vietnam.

In this way, Inagrosa, through Sanad Abdul, our technical representative in Cuba, took advantage of the event to exchange opinions with participating foreign researchers about its technology (cellular synthesis) to obtain amino-acids which are pure, free and biologically active as well as having low molecular weight and no residue. In countries such as Mexico (where most of the attendees were from), Inagrosa has had agencies for a considerable time.

During the scientific sessions, there were interesting workshops covering the field of vegetal biotechnology and agriculture with an emphasis on growing vegetal cells and tissue; the genetic improvement of plants and the conservation of germplasm; plant-microorganism interactions; the production of natural vegetal compounds; bioinformatics; the automation of biological processes; precision agriculture; bioproductivity; environment and education. In addition, the First International Workshop on Tobacco Cultivation in Cuba was held here.

During the Congress there were oral presentations of papers from researchers and university graduates, amongst others, chiefly from areas in Argentina, Chile, Guatemala and Bolivia. There were also poster and audiovisual exhibitions and participants were given practical tools to help improve their communities. Subjects discussed included the micropropagation of plants; natural products; plant-microorganism interactions; plant breeding and the conservation of germplasm for food sustainability; biostimulants and biocontrol; bioinformatics; education and communication in vegetal biotechnology.

From our company, Inagrosa, we should like to thank the different authorities involved in the organization of the event, with a special mention for UNICA (Universidad de Ciego de Avila), for enabling us to participate and open doors to future cooperation. 

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