Organic Waste

Converts any agro-industrial waste into biological fertilizer. Eliminates smells and toxic elements.

Sewage and pig sludge, sugar refineries… investment needed, low cost and a process taking less than five days!

Eco-technology or Environmentally-friendly Technology tries to resolve the health, economic and ecological problems derived from the enormous volume of bio accumulated waste generated by human activity, especially in the developed world. 

The solution for the waste management problems

During the last nine years (1990-1998), in the European Union, the production of liquid manure on farms has increased by more than 100%. In this same period of time, sludge produced by urban water purifying plants has increased six fold, and is expected to increase still further in the coming years with the municipal waste water projects approved by the European Union for the period 1998-2005.

The disposal of residues generated from the agricultural and food industries is strictly regulated in almost every country, prohibiting free disposal into rivers, lakes, ravines, etc.

This has created new problems for these industries with a subsequent increase in investments to solve these problems. The traditional technology  based on classical fermentation treatments has come to a  standstill without having solved the problem. The  application of new biotechnological processes, in which INAGROSA is a pioneer, solves the problem of converting the waste into useful value added products.


RPG1: Especially selected protein 87% prot.-13% agua. 
RPG2: Reactive in granular/powder form with balanced contents of C, H and N.   
RPG3: Reactive liquids containing INAGROSA's active material:   
SFAA + LWOP (ETF) 24% p/p
Bionomar 1% p/p
Preservative 55% p/p 
H2O 20% p/p


Meticulous research programmes have yielded this product, which guarantees the effective treatment of sewage sludge from waste water.

It is the latest product in the kit line, just it was placed into the market in 2001, with the latest advances for freeze-drying products with a high level of biological activity. This kit is exclusively devoted for the treatment of sewage sludge.

RPG1: Proteina especialmente seleccionada 87% prot.-13% agua. 
RPG2: Reactivo en gránulos/polvo con contenidos equilibrados de C, H y N.   
RPG3: Reactivo liquido conteniendo la materia activa de INAGROSA:   
SFAA + LWOP (ETF) 24% p/p
Bionomar 1% p/p
Excipiente 55% p/p 
H2O 20% p/p
MS400 liquid biocatalyst.