Livestock Production

An additive for exclusive use in animal feed.

A concentrate of high purity, biologically active, free amino acids. This concentrate boosts and regulates growth, improves state of health and production levels.

5 litre and 5 kilo containers.

Aminobiol, a concentrate which is available in liquid and solid form, does not have any toxic or side effects.

Pre-mix for poultry, fish, rabbits and horses

  • Relieves stress
  • Facilitates protein anabolism
  • Increases egg production
  • Stimulates the process of detoxification
  • Improves plumage
  • Regulates intestinal bacterial flora
  • Increases the resistance to fatigue in horses

POULTRY: Broilers. 40 grs./100 kgs. of feed. Egg laying hens. 30 grs./100 kgs. of feed 15 cc./100 l. of water Pheasants. 20 cc./100 lts. of water. Turkeys. 20-30 grs./ 100 kgs. of water
HORSES: 2 grs./100 kgs. of live weight
RABBITS: 10-20 cc./100 l. of water
FISH: 50-100 grs./100 kgs. of feed

Pre-mix for sheep and cattle

  • Stimulates microbial flora of the rumen
  • Increases the protein content in milk
  • Increases production
  • Facilitates recovery after periods of stress
  • Increases feed consumption
  • Improves growth and quality of the body
  • Facilitates recovery after periods of stress

DAIRY COWS: 6-8 grs. per head and day for 60/90 days after calving
SHEEP: 1 gr./100 kgs. of live weight
FATTENED ANIMALS: 1 gr./100 kgs. of live weight
VEAL: 1,5 cc./100 kgs. of live weight

Pre-mix for pigs
  • Stimulates the intestinal bacterial flora
  • Reduces the thickness of fat layer
  • Improves the quality of the body
  • Increases the daily weight-gain and improves the rate of conversion
  • Facilitates protein anabolism
  • Facilitates recovery after periods of illness or pharmaceutical treatment
  • Helps the system during periods of stress (birth giving, changes of environment, etc.)

STARTED (Instructions): 40-50 grs./100 kgs. of feed 20-25 cc./100 l. of water
GROWTH (15-45 kgs. of live weight): 30-40 grs./100 kgs. of feed 15-20 cc./100 l. of water
FATTENING (50-150 kgs. of live weight): 25-30 grs./100 krs. of feed 10-15 cc./100 l. of water